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A video by Farhan Esa & Farhan Redzuan

Sep 17


Who are you guys? (How the band were formed, how you guys move as a band) 
We’re a product of previous projects that have broken up. Coebar and Adrian were also a part of a singer-songwriter duo, Middlesons. Also, Coebar, Alvin and Dan were a part of a band before this. They’ve broken up, but they saw no reason to stop making music. 

Based on that, you can understand why we’re called GLASS.

We’re a band of brothers, like broken pieces that fit together. However, we’re still fragile. We don’t intend on breaking up anytime soon, but we don’t want to take each other for granted either. 

What goes through your mind while playing live?

Ad: Get as crazy as possible

Al: Don’t do anything you didn’t do at practice

D: I don’t think, I just play

C: Am I emotional enough?


Do you guys happy with our “music industry” this year (2017)?

We don’t hear any more local music on the radio this year than the last. Independent releases this year have been consistently strong. 2017 has Jaie and Elmu Hisab’s new drops to offer, among many. We hope these releases will get more attention in the remaining months of the year.

Noh Salleh’s Angin Kencang has been a release we love this year. It’s good to see that he’s got so many plays online too.

Japan has an efficient public transportation network, especially within metropolitan areas and between the large cities.What do you think bout ours?

It’s evolving and getting more efficient. We wish that consumers would drive less so that we can see the change in lifestyle and culture. Not just infrastructure differences.

5 Tracks

April Rain – One is Glad to be of Service

Ad: Dirgahayu – Istinggar

Al: Dance Gavin Dance! – Alex English

D: Fugazi – I’m So Tired

C: This Will Destroy You – Quiet

Follow them on Instagram – @glass.kl

Sep 17

Just Quit Vol.14

@quit.kl is just a way of speeding up time while we’re waiting for some people to die.

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A video by Shafiq Sani.The other side of life</error>

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