Photo by Fauzan Fuad

What is Jalang ?
It is a strong determination of wildness individual lifestyle movement, attitude, character, & language on he/she ownself. Only then after, a collective are naturally born base on one same principle. Enjoyment in skateboarding.

How Jalang move ?(direction,inspiration)
Doesn’t care about to be a group at all. Who’s active at the right time, moment & place, we just go. Inspiration comes from life obviously.

Photo by Fauzan Fuad

You as an artist , how you apply your perspective into your skating ?
Never try gain never experience. Only once i experienced, i will know & understand. After that only i can improvise myself in whatever course in my life.

Spot or Trick selection, which one you think is more important.Why?
Take this as an example. We need sound of break when we see a glass falling down aren’t we?. So, same for this question, we need spot and trick, that obviously work within each other naturally. But where is the person? Are the person enjoys and love doing that? For me, honestly, the most important is the feelings of enjoyment, & love doing on what the person do in skateboarding.

5 tracks
St James Infimary Blues by Earl Hines
Cold, cold heart by Tony Bennett
Imagine by John Lennon
My way by Paul Anka
Sinaran by Sheila Majid

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